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The Elk Rapids Parks & Recreation Commission serves primarily in an advisory capacity regarding the development of parks and recreational plans. The Commission also facilitates the exchange of information pertaining to recreation programs within the Community by holding public hearings, involving members of the community, as well as maintaining – on a liaison basis – contact with both Antrim County and Elk Rapids Township to avoid duplication of programs and to identify Community needs. The Commission also recommends to Village Council the acquisition of parks and the development of parks and recreational programs.

The Parks & Recreation Commission meets monthly on the first Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Government Center (315 Bridge St., Elk Rapids, MI 49629).

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The Village of Elk Rapids Five Year Community Recreation Plan was adopted by Village Council on June 3, 2013, after an extensive drafting and public input process facilitated by the Parks & Recreation Commission. The Community Recreation Plan guides the future development of recreational opportunities within the Village of Elk Rapids as well as the continuing enhancement of recreational amenities. It provides a concise description of the Village’s plans and policies for current and future recreation.

5 Year 2018 Community Parks and Recreation Plan

2017 Community Recreation Survey Results – No Open Ended

2017 Community Recreation Survey Results – Includes Open-Ended


Memorial Park Management Plan
The purpose of the Memorial Park Management Plan is to incorporate the public interest in Memorial Park that will identify short and long term preservation items and improvements. The plan will rely on activity areas and map(s) to communicate Plan concepts. It should be noted that activity areas may overlap and therefore activities of one type may spill into another activity area. However, physical improvements within an activity area should tend to improve the type of activity identified for that area. It is the intent of this plan to incorporate and allow only recreation activities and facilities that are practical. However, due to the limited space and sensitive environmental characteristics, many recreation activities may not be practical or acceptable.

Memorial Park Management Plan (PDF)


Melissa West – Chair │ Term ending 2023

email: mwest@elkrapids.org

James Dake – Vice Chair │ Term ending 2022

email: jdake@elkrapids.org

Paula Moyer  – Secretary│ Term ending 2023

email: pmoyer@elkrapids.org

Gordon Stewart │ Term ending 2022

email:  gstewart@elkrapids.org

Michael Conrad│ Term ending 2023

email: mconrad@elkrapids.org

Ryan Paxson│ Term ending 2024

email: rpaxson@elkrapids.org

Charlie Pryde – Council Representative

email: cpryde@elkrapids.org

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Veterans Memorial Park – October 23, 2016