The Village of Elk Rapids is seeking diverse and dedicated individuals to help our community make decisions for a vibrant future. The village currently has vacancies on the following Boards & Commissions:

  • Beautification Commission: Manages and maintains 14 garden and public spaces in the Village. Partners with the Elk Rapids Garden Club and the Elk Rapids DPW. The mission is to promote native, pollinator, and environmentally sound long-term gardening and tree planting practices for the beautification of the village. Partial term ending 2023 – try it out for the November Beautification meeting and see if you would like to reapply for a three-year term!
  • Housing Commission: Help Purchase, acquire, construct, maintain, operate, improve, extend, or repair public housing facilities. Partial term ending in 2027.

Applications are available on the document center on or at the Government Center. Completed applications should be submitted no later than Tuesday November 1st at noon to Applications are due on the dates noted above so the village president can consider nominees who must be approved by council.

Thank you for considering serving our community! The Village of Elk Rapids continues to be an exceptional place to live, work, and recreate thanks to the hard work of those willing to serve and all of our dedicated stakeholders. Please direct questions to Village Clerk Kaitlyn Szczypka by emailing or calling 231-264-9274.

Check out the new board & commission application here: