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Here are the updates from the last two Village Manager Reports that were presented to Council:

  • Harbor Days Recap: The Harbor Days Festival August _ was enjoyed by residents and visitors to our community. The village government participated in the opening ceremonies and had a booth to educate the community on the strategic goals. Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this community event possible!
  • Monarch Update: The Village reaffirmed our commitment to helping the Monarch Butterfly population during the opening ceremonies of Harbor Days. Village President James Janisse read a portion of the proclamation passed by village council in May of this year and the Grand Traverse Butterfly House and Grand Traverse Butterfly Charities groups joined in on the festivities. Sixty (60) monarchs were released by children attending the event. A news crew was there to report on the event and the village’s efforts to protect this now endangered species:
  • Village Trees: According to the General Code of Ordinances, trees located in the village right-of-way fall under the jurisdiction of the village superintendent of public works. Recently, some homeowners have called in private services to remove trees from the right-of-way, but Superintendent Kevin Lane asked the private work crews to stop what they were doing. Staff is working on getting out information on the subject so property owners can be familiar with this ordinance. In addition, the planning and zoning administrator is working on amending the ordinance and creating a process for tree management within the village.
  • Island House Property – Next Steps: At the August 15, 2022 hearing, Judge Elsenheimer of the 13th Circuit Court granted the Village of Elk Rapids’ Motion for Partial Summary Disposition and ruled that Section 41.2 (3) of the General Township Act did not prohibit the Elk Rapids Township from transferring its half interest in the property back to the Village. Judge Elsenheimer’s ruling paves the way for the Township to follow through on its statement that it wants to convey its half interest to the Village while addressing their underlying concern that it would not be allowed to do so under 41.2(3). Now that the Judge has stated that 41.2(3) does not stop the Township from the conveyance, that concern of the Township has been eliminated. The Village will once again approach the Township with the Property Transfer Agreement first proposed in December of 2021. The Property Transfer Agreement would allow the Township to cede its interest in the Island House Property and allow the Village to continue to maintain the grounds as it has for decades. The Township is reportedly discussing the Property Transfer Agreement during their September 12, 2022 meeting
  • Bridge Street Housing Project Request for Quotes: The Housing Task Force reviewed a draft (RFP) for the Bridge Street Housing Project during its August 31 meeting. Staff will review the RFP with you at the September 19, 2022 meeting. Gosling Czubak has completed a wetlands delineation survey and is working on a Geotech test of soils.
  • Dexter Street Bridge – Sinkhole: Soils in the southeasterly quadrant of the Dexter Street bridge over the Elk River have been periodically undermined for the past few years. The DPW has been attempting to repair by filling holes with gravel/dirt.  This summer the hole appeared larger. Last week DPW hydro-excavated the hole near a steel sheet bulkhead seawall and uncovered a timber wall that appears to allow soils to escape, thus creating the sinkhole. The current solution likely involves replacing the timber wall with a corrugated metal sheet wall that is deep enough to contain the soils. We will be meeting with Mark Stone, Antrim County Dam Supervisor, in the next few weeks to discuss the repairs as well as some issues involving the adjacent spillway and the culverts.
  • Paving: Elmers is coming in to pave several roads around the Village and the Government Center/Fire Station Parking Lot starting Tuesday September 6, 2022. For the streets, they will start with the designated sections on Dexter, Second, Rivershore, and finish up on River Street. Here are the sections that will be under construction: