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Here you can find updates from the desk of the Village Manager, Bryan Gruesbeck. This update was received by Village Council at the November 15, 2021 regular meeting.

This report includes updates on:

  • Island Property: The Village Attorney has been working with the attorney representing Elk Rapids Township regarding the ownership of the Island Property. We will present a course of action by the regular Village Council meeting scheduled for December 6, 2021.
  • Christmas Decorations: The Village installed streetlights along River St downtown as well as the pedestrian bridge at the Island Property, Dexter St bridge and the dam bridge. The lights in the downtown are new and brighter. You might have also noticed the “lasers “that reflect against the wall in the Yuchasz walkway and the water tower.
    • In addition to these improvements, Christmas Décor – the company discussed elsewhere in the tonight’s Agenda – is providing a 20ft lighted artificial Christmas tree that will be placed near the clock tower. Marcus Evans, DPW Superintendent, will likely be installing lights in the trees along River Street adjacent to the Elk Rapids Marina. This work is expected to be completed November 22-24, 2021.
  • Workshops/Special Meetings: The RV ordinance revision has produced some challenging discussions during multiple Village Council meetings this year. You may want to consider a workshop or work session of the Village Council to focus on the issue and produce a working document.
  • Streaming/Recording Meetings: We should revisit our current practices regarding the Zoom streams of Village Council and the various Commission meetings. Covid obviously created the need to use remote participation methods, but as meetings become in-person, we should evaluate how or whether to allow people to comment and attend virtually. There a few basic options to consider:
    1. Continue the practice of allowing public comments via Zoom.
    2. Stream meetings via Zoom but do not allow public comments via Zoom.
    3. Do not stream meetings via Zoom or allow public comments via Zoom.
    4. –> If we continue to use Zoom to stream meetings, I would recommend that we continue to allow remote consultant presentations if necessary. I would welcome your thoughts and direction on this matter.