At the July 18, 2022 regular meeting, Village Manager Bryan Gruesbeck presented this update to council:

  • Solar Panels at WWTP:  PinkEnergy (formerly PowerHome Solar) has completed its installation of the solar panels. Final electrical inspection has passed, testing was successful and the system is waiting for approval from Consumers Energy (aka Permission to Operate or “PTO”).  
  • Bridge Street Housing Project: We are continuing to work toward finding an optimal location for the Community Garden. I attached the letter directed toward the Antrim Conservation District regarding the Village’s intent to repurpose the property currently hosting the Recycling Center for affordable housing. Staff has also been conversing with Yarrow Brown and has a meeting scheduled with Tony Lentych (Elk Rapids Housing Commission) and Mac McClelland (Otwell Mawby) to define incentive possibilities for the site and complete the RFP.
  • Adirondack Chairs (DDA): A year or so ago, the Elk Rapids Downtown Development Authority (DDA) purchased Adirondack chairs for use around the Village. We have been carefully placing them in different locations (Bathing Beach, Yucasz Walkway, Rotary Pavillion, etc). Sorry – I don’t have any pictures at the time I wrote this, but they’re out there.
  • Electric Vehicle Chargers: Attached to this memorandum, please find updated data regarding usage of the EV charging stations located at the Dexter Street parking lot. It is early, but you can see that people are using the chargers that were installed last fall.