Village Manager Bryan Gruesbeck presented this report at the regular council meeting on August 1, 2022. Check it out here:

  • Swim Lessons:  The Village is in the second week of open lake swim instruction. The response has been significant and positive despite a few growing pains. Equipment storage at the bathing beach has been challenging and something we may want to consider improving before next summer. Other issues have been administrative – dealing with a large number of participants and a waiting list, in-town/out of town fees. Overall, it seems that the community has an appetite for increased recreational programming.


  • Budget Planning Process: As we head into the next budget planning process, I would like for us to give some thought to how we want to have preliminary budget discussions. In August, I will be meeting with department heads to provide updated reviews and plan for the upcoming year in terms of professional development and budget needs. Once we have completed those conversations, I would like to meet with the Village Council and gather input on overall budget priorities while we begin to make financial projections and assemble the FY 2023-2024 budget. These are “higher level” discussions which don’t get too granular or specific, but instead provides broader direction to staff as the budget is assembled before your initial reviews in December and January. Please give some thought to whether you would like to discuss the budget priorities during a regular meeting or whether you would like have work sessions in October/November of this calendar year