Here is the report that Village Manager Bryan Gruesbeck gave to Council last night.

  • Staffing: Keeping people on board and in positions to serve the Village is a continuous task. We are currently accepting applications for an Equipment Operator (DPW) as well as a general services intern. You may also recall the Parks and Recreation Commission leading the effort to get a swim instructor to teach lake swimming safety. So far we have received three (3) applications for the intern, one (1) application for the swim instructor and we have completed an interview for a new Equipment Operator.
  • Cyber Security Training:  Tensions in Europe have increased concerns among governments that their computer systems may be more likely to suffer attacks from nefarious sources. Staff is obtaining a quote from IT Right, the Village computing consultant, to provide cybersecurity training for all 75 users with an address. Training can be completed online based on each person’s individual schedule. We are anticipating that this training will be completed by all users before June 17, 2022.  
  • Torch Lake Township Police: Chief Centala and I were approached by the Torch Lake Township Supervisor regarding their interest in obtaining police coverage, possibly using Village of Elk Rapids Police personnel. Torch Lake Township held a public hearing last week to gauge interest. They reportedly may hold another public hearing in the summer with the possible goal of getting funding necessary to purchase police coverage on their ballot this fall.
  • Rotary Park Improvements: I have been working with Deana Jerdee (Paddle Antrim) to submit funding requests to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Trust Fund as well as the Waterways Grant Program to fund a kayak launch, enhanced parking and restroom facilities, as discussed. Both applications were submitted in advance of the April 1, 2022 deadline. You may also be aware that Paddle Antrim is making a request from Rotary Charities to help cover project costs. I will be participating in a Zoom call on April 13, 2022 with Paddle Antrim and Rotary Charities to help explain our request.
  • Downtown Elk Rapids Association (DERA): I have been attending the DERA meetings, including a recent “roundtable” that appears to be on a monthly schedule. They have been discussing how to grow community efforts toward fulfilling the 13 Ways recommendations as well as developing ideas for needed or desired businesses in Elk Rapids. Laura Shumate, Village Trustee, has also been engaged with DERA. Notes from the most recent roundtable are attached to this memorandum.
  • Broadband: Last week I had a meeting with Matt Hoyt, Peninsula Fiber regarding a possible first phase buildout of high-capacity fiber that would extend from the water tower, across US-31 to Bridge Street, then north to River Street and the downtown and eventually crossing US-31 again. The second phase would serve the DPW facility and continue east toward the Elk Rapids Schools and Elk Rapids Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP). Mr. Hoyt will be using our current internet billing to determine if it would be a cost-effective installation from Peninsula Fiber’s perspective.