SURVEY: Traffic Calming Questionnaire

At the beginning of the summer, the police received complaints regarding the rate of speed on certain village streets. This concern led to the rollout of a Village Council approved Speed Hump trial program to test speed calming devices on South Bayshore Drive and Rivershore Drive. The installation of the Speed Humps created responses both for and against the devices. We are inviting the community to share their input on how the trial went and to gather opinions on traffic calming measures.

In an effort to qualify and quantify the community input, a survey has been created to collect data about the Speed Humps effectiveness. You may access the survey by CLICKING HERE. You may also visit the Elk Rapids government office if you prefer to complete a paper survey.

Prior to answering the questions, the survey requires each participant to enter their name, street address and email address to help authenticate the data. Each member of the household may participate.

We ask that you complete the survey no later than October 9th so the data can be assembled and reported. The results of the survey will be posted to the Village website and provided to the Village Council during the October 17, 2023, open meeting.

Thanking you in advance for your time and consideration.