The Village of Elk Rapids has ordinances and regulations related to the placement of temporary signs. Please note that:

  • No signs shall be in the village right-of-way (near the road or between the road and the sidewalk).
  • No temporary signs are permitted on public lands, including but not limited to parks, village facilities, and village vacant property.
  • No signs should be placed on MDOT right-of-way (US-31).
  • Only post a sign on your own private property or others if you have permission.
  • Only two ground signs are allowed per lot in a residential area, three in a business district.
  • Temporary signs can only be out for 60 days in residential areas, 30 days in a business district.
  • Temporary signs that are pertaining to an upcoming election must come down five days after the election takes place.
  • Violators of these regulations are asked to take down their signs, or a village police officer will remove the sign.

We appreciate the interest and involvement of the community, especially as the election is approaching. Please keep these regulations in mind as you put up a temporary sign in the village. For more information, please reach out to the Village Manager, Bryan Gruesbeck.