The Village of Elk Rapids Downtown Development Authority’s (DDA) Listening Project and subsequent Action Plan was featured in the Michigan Planner Magazine, a publication put together by the Michigan Chapter of the American Planning Association.

The article detailed the unique approach that the Elk Rapids DDA members and consultant from Statecraft approached this project, which included assigning members to personally connect with every business in the DDA district and to individually listen to business leaders. This led to finding out the needs, challenges, and opportunities that business leaders across the village faced. After gathering initial information, the DDA then held listening sessions for district members to attend and sent out a comprehensive digital survey.

With this extensive input from the DDA stakeholders, the DDA and consultant then put together an action plan that will be integrated into the new Strategic Economic Development Plan that is being worked on now by the board.

A huge thank you to our dedicated members of the DDA board and to the consultant that help the village through this effort – Elise Crafts of Statecraft.

“We are paying close attention to citizen and business owner concerns in order to shape economic development plans in Elk Rapids,” said Village President Jim Janisse. “The village looks forward to continuing efforts such as this to gather community input as we plan for our future.”