The Village has started a few projects intended to fix streets, repair an aging sanitary sewer line, and improve the quality of area waters.

Following the conclusion of the busy Labor Day weekend, Team Elmers began milling and resurfacing streets and various locations around the Village:

  • Government Center Parking Lot (in partnership with the Township)
  • Second Street from South Bayshore to Ash
  • Cedar Street from Traverse Street to River Street
  • Rivershore Drive Third to Second
  • Dexter Street from Noble Street to Isle of Pines
  • River Street from Bridge Street to US-31

Construction crews are also digging up the segment of Cedar Street between Traverse Street and River Street. This project will replace an old sanitary sewer segment, add a storm water control device, and replace cobbled pavement with new asphalt.

The new underground storm water control device in Cedar Street will collect rainwater and remove many harmful sediments before it reaches Grand Traverse Bay. The storm water project is funded by The Water Shed Center and continues the partnership that began with the River Street raingardens. The Village and The Water Shed Center will also be installing new neighborhood raingardens in various locations of the Village later this month.

“It’s important to maintain our streets every year. In Michigan, winters are hard on roads and they deteriorate faster than some parts of the country,” said Jim Janisse, Village President. “There’s a short window of time when we are able to tackle these types of potentially disruptive projects. Right after Labor Day, the weather is still good and fewer people in town. We can make improvements with minimal impacts on local businesses and residents.”

All projects are expected to be completed by Friday September 16, 2022 at the latest.