Village of Elk Rapids and Elk Rapids Township Collaborative Master Plan

In 2018, the Village of Elk Rapids and Elk Rapids Township approved a collaborative master plan. While the two municipalities are politically distinct, the Township and Village frequently work in partnership on public services and also share office space. The planning commissions and governing bodies of each jurisdiction determined that it would be in the best interest of the greater community to work together, and this Collaborative Master Plan is the culmination of that effort. The plan represents the first time the two communities have collaborated to formally develop guidelines for future development, while protecting the water resources, other natural resources and small town character of the community. This collaborative plan presents extensive information for both the Village and Township, a description and mapping of natural resources; and inventory of existing community facilities. The background information is analyzed to identify important characteristics, changes and trends occurring in Elk Rapids. Community-developed goals and policies are presented to guide future development based on the background studies, key land use trends and community issues.

Collaborative Master Plan